The rise of the Graphic Novel

Graphic novels have become a major part of children’s publishing with many successful authors and illustrators of adult graphic novels producing successful children’s titles. Publishers also continue to reformat already popular titles and TV characters into graphic novels and these continue to attract boys to reading. There has been an increase in titles for younger readers where the slapstick humour particularly suits the comic book format.

Here we have included some titles for older readers. This means that some of the material may depict violent scenes, as well as dealing with difficult subject matter. For more information on the genre, please look up the individual authors in the relevant age group.

Please be aware that the quality and suitability of an individual book may vary because many series have a number of different authors and illustrators.

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For more information generally on graphic novels and up to date lists of other titles please visit: run by Mel Gibson, a UK based comics scholar and consultant