IP based login

Each computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. Many organisations’ computers are assigned fixed or predictable IP addresses. For example, all computers on the Loughborough University campus have addresses in the range 131.231.xxx.yyy and 158.125.xxx.yyy, where xxx and yyy are numbers between 1 and 254. Many organisations further assign these ranges to different locations. For example, all computers in Loughborough University’s library may be assigned an IP address in the range 131.231.123.xxx.

IP addresses can be used to log users in to www.whonextguide.com automatically when visiting the website. Each licence can have an unlimited number of specific IP addresses or IP ranges associated with it, configurable by administrative users.

If a user visits the website and their IP matches one of a licence’s IP ranges they will be logged in automatically.

Note: Some organisations use a proxy server. In this case all computers in the organisation communicate with the Internet via the proxy server. Because of this all traffic from the organisation may appear to come from one IP address (the IP address of the proxy server), dependant on the proxy configuration. Although the proxy IP can be used for auto login, that may inadvertently give every computer in the organisation automatic login to the website, rather than just the few computers required.

Configuring IP Based Login

An unlimited number of ranges and specific IP addresses can be entered. To add a new range, delete or edit the current IP settings, click on Add a new IP setting>> under My Account.